Alignment, setup position and roll of the ball for your putts

Make sure you are aligned correctly,
and that the roll produced to the ball will be optimum to avoid deflections and lips-out.

Alignment and setup position

Putting is the most individualized of all golf strokes. Addressing the ball when you putt is very personal.
However, there are certain characteristics which are common among successful players. Great players have differences in style, but there are certain key traits they share. Imitating these traits will help you develop your own successful putting stroke.

If you want to develop repeatable and successful putting mechanics, it is recommended at the beginning to stick to basics in terms of set-up position and alignment, that is to say eyes over the ball, shoulders square to the target, putter blade square and vertical to the putting line.
In golf,generally speaking, 80% of mistakes come from an incorrect position when addressing the ball. Well, putting is not different, so use our Peekace® mirror aid to verify your position.

Peekace mirror alignment aid combined with one of the PaceYourPutt® mats Classic© or Expert© will help you find a perfect repeatable set-up position

putting training aid mirror

Produce a good roll for your putts.

Putting is not just a question of hitting the ball but it is more a question of hitting the ball right !
a good roll is when there is no side effect. Indeed, any side effect produced will cause more deflections or lips-out.
Use the Peekace® ball liner marker to draw a line all around the ball.
Align the ball with one of the guides of the PaceYourPutt® mat and putt and check how the ball rolls.
There are 2 possibilities :

  • you can see the line on your ball distinctly when it travels : you have produced a good roll !
  • you cannot see the line distinctly; well, it means that you have produced side effects to the ball.(It does not mean that you cannot hole your putts in real conditions but it means that the ball will be more easily deflected or lip-out).
  • improve the roll of the ball in putting