Putting Method with PaceYourPutt®

Putting is typically where golfers feel pressure the most. The closer we get to the hole, the higher our expectations to hole the putt are high.
The problem is that a small change of tempo or backswing length can make a big difference !
Our method will make you produce repetitive backswing length at constant tempo for specific distances to master distance control and have confidence on the greens.
Confidence is crucial for consistent stroke and good roll for the ball; a poor hit will cause more deflections or lips-out.

The Method described below is using the “Classic Evolution©” and the “Expert©”
and the “Classic Origin©” uses the same concept as well.

Master distance control in putting


Let's use our body and our rear foot to be more precise and note where the putter extends !
For each key distance of putting, the backswing length will equal a specific point; it may be the big toe, left edge of the rear foot...It just depends on your setup position.
The more accurate, the better but keep in mind that your setup position should always be the same.
Make a few putts on the mat and the more naturally you address the ball (in other words, you must feel well), the easier it is to have the same setup position.

putting method to master distance control in putting


Work on your tempo to send the ball to the zone located 15" past the hole.
Use the dotted lines and work on acceleration during follow-through.
Deceleration is kiss of death for your putts !

putting method to master distance control in putting


Now, in real conditions, the only thing you have to do is measure the distance between the hole and your ball and you will know exactly where to extend the putter. As you have memorized the tempo, you know that your ball will have the optimum speed: you will putt with confidence !

vizualize golf shot

We are usually asked the same question : “your mat has a rolling speed of 9.5 on the Stimp, but the greens I play are slightly faster (or slower); what can I do ?”
Very simple. First, before you tee off, you need to go to the putting greens and make a few putts to calibrate your distances because weather and green conditions may modify the distances. But unless the green is really faster or really slower, the difference of distance rolled by the ball between the PaceYourPutt mat and a real green from 10ft out should be less than 2" which is nothing !

On the other hand, what you need to check is if you putt downhill or uphill. Again, slight adjustment should be made. Here is an example: you ball lies 8ft from the hole for a slight uphill putt; you know the backswing length for a 8 footer on the PaceYourPutt mat; well, you can decide to produce a backswing length for a 10 footer and you know what to do. Just swing the putter at same tempo !
Beyond 10ft, you will need to go and play because usually,breaks will really be a factor but reproducing the same tempo will be of upmost importance. A common mistake is to swing the putter at various tempos and swing ratios.