Putting mat PaceYourPutt Classic Evolution

Play one direction towards the 15"-zone to master distance control from 4 key distances.
Play the other direction to the bolb targets divided into zones to develop feel and have fun.

Golf mat PaceYourPutt Classic Evolution

Our latest mat : created in 2015 !

4 key distances (3ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft) towards the 15"-zone.
Putt from one of the bare bone features and the ball needs to pass over the hole and stop in the zone to assure optimum speed in real conditions.

Use the dotted lines to know where the putter should extend from each distance.
Make some putts and obtain repetitive tempo.

The 6 blob zones are divided into 3 zones to provide more than 24 targets.
You can start by choosing a whole target (01 or 02 or 05 for example) and if you have a more advanced level, you can choose a zone (A or B or C) inside the whole target.
Putt towards the designated area: train your eyes make you feel the length of backswing and tempo needed to reach the target.

Putting mat PaceYourPutt Classic Evolution how it works

Method of Putting

Produce repetitive tempo for all your putts.
Be sure to find the right distance for each putt and gain confidence.

Pre-shot routine

Focused time-based ritual like professionals.
Think "present" and not "future" when you putt to hold pressure.

Training Program

Multiple drills to recreate real conditions.
For each session, face a new challenge.
Adapted to all levels of players.