Preshot routine in putting

Can you answer the following questions ?

  • Do you stand a few feet behind the ball before you address the ball ?
  • How many practice shots ?
  • To take your setup position, do you place the front foot or the rear foot first ?
  • How many times do you look at the target ?
  • If you cannot answer those questions, read the following,
    and see how it can make a big difference in your game and eventually improve your score.

    putting preshot routine

    Mental preparation in putting (and in golf)

    One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make in putting (and also in any other parts of the game) is that they do not have a pre-shot routine.
    Routine is a focused time-based ritual that you perform before you hit the ball. It should be simple and not last more than 30 seconds, otherwise, you will slow down the game. Also, the simpler it is, the easier to reproduce it will be.
    Keep in mind that there is a difference between routine and preparation of the shot.

    The preparation of the shot consists in a pure technique analysis. In terms of putting, the analysis starts when you walk into the 50-yard circle from the green (at this time, you should not speak about your personal problems with your partner !). Take a look at the general break of the green ( if it goes from back to front, or left to right.....); note if there is a water hazard directly around the green or in the vicinity of it: greens will break towards it..
    Once on the green, read the break (from behind your ball or from the other side of the hole or you can use your putter as plumb).

    Routine is a consistent and systematic procedure that encompasses moves like steps, grip and re-grip, looking at the hole (once, twice or more), how much time you look at the hole and so on...
    Routine should be very personal; you can inspire from pros but it would be better to find your own routine in order to feel at ease.
    The PaceYourPutt® mats will help you find a pre-shot routine because you will not be bothered by external conditions like cold or rain or your partners and you will have the option to stop and resume the process whenever you want (no time frame).
    Then, when you have a tournament, you will see precisely if it works: you must be able to run the routine step by step just like on the PaceYourPutt® mat.
    A good pre-shot routine will help you feel confident and eliminate doubt and indecision and disregard technical aspects of the putt.

    Classic Evolution©

    Created in 2015.
    Can be played from both ends with 4 key putting displayed (3ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft) on one way and 6 blob targets divided into 3 zones, providing up to 24 targets .
    For intermediate to advanced players .


    Created in 2013.
    Can be played from both ends with 4 key distances displayed. Zones after the holes are narrower. Perfect for head to head match.
    For advanced players.

    Classic origin©

    Created in 2008.
    PaceYourPutt concept started with “Origin”.
    Can be played from both ends with 3 key putting displayed (3ft, 6ft and 10ft) on one way and 6 rectangular zones the other way.
    For beginners.