Putting mats
Classic Origin©(2008),
Expert© (2013),
Classic Evolution©(2015)

combined with method,
to help you produce repetitive backswing at a repetitive tempo for optimum speed for the ball
to travel the optimum distance past the hole to avoid deflections or lips-out.
Our mats have the same rolling speed (9.5 on the Stimp) and same dimensions (13'x 2') and all of them can be played from both ends.

Putting mat PaceYourPutt Classic Evolution

Classic Evolution (2015)

Our latest mat.
4 key distances (3ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft).
Training mode 2 comprises 6 small blob targets that are divided into 3 zones. 24 targets.

Putting mat PaceYourPutt Expert

Expert (2013)

For advanced players.
Zones past the hole are narrower.
Head-to-head match possible.

Putting mat PaceYourPutt Classic Origin

Classic Origin (2008)

The mat we started with in 2008.
3 key distances (3ft,6ft,10ft).
Training mode 2 comprises 6 rectangular zones of multiple widths. 6 targets.

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Bill Abrams,IL,USA

Bill Abrams is recommending PaceYourPutt

Andy Gorman,UK

Putting training coach Andy Gorman on PaceYourPutt Evolution

Training Program for
Preshot Routine and
Vizualization of the putt.

More than 80 drills to help you vizualize the optimum distance past the hole and
reproduce tempo for optimum speed of the ball.