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About PaceYourPutt Peekace

To all golfers

We are a team of golfers and we are really passionate. Some of us have been playing for more than 35 years !
As you certainly know, what makes the difference in golf is putting. You may be thrashing out or driving in the middle of the fairway but whether you hole your putts or not will save your day or will turn your round of golf into real frustration or even a nightmare.
We wanted to create a putting mat with 2 objectives: improve putting of course but at the same time, and have something fun (not practice the same drill over and over again)and here we go : the PaceYourPutt® mat was born !<
The PaceYourPutt® putting concept will bring you everything you need to be ready for the first putt on the first green.
You will improve your statistics immensely just the same way as we did.
See you on the greens !

Classic Evolution©

Created in 2015.
Can be played from both ends with 4 key putting displayed (3ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft) on one way and 6 blob targets divided into 3 zones, providing up to 24 targets .
For intermediate to advanced players .


Created in 2013.
Can be played from both ends with 4 key distances displayed. Zones after the holes are narrower. Perfect for head to head match.
For advanced players.

Classic origin©

Created in 2008.
PaceYourPutt concept started with “Origin”.
Can be played from both ends with 3 key putting displayed (3ft, 6ft and 10ft) on one way and 6 rectangular zones the other way.
For beginners.